Carven L’Absolu Perfumed Deodorant Spray

Carven L’Absolu Perfumed Deodorant Spray was launched by the French fashion house back in 2015, and it is one of the most intense scents that the brand has to offer.

Being fresh and light in delivery, Carven L’Absolu Deodorant Spray deposits a fragrant mist on the skin for long-lasting effects.

Carven L'Absolu Perfumed Deodorant Spray.

As the scent on this deodorant is associated with L’Absolu perfume, you can also use it to help intensify and prolong the sillage of the fragrance itself.

Intensity with L’Absolu is that of a hypnotic and sensual white flowers bouquet, starting fresh and dashing with Italian Mandarin essence that quickly lets the Ylang-Ylang essence take over.

The scent’s white heart brings out the purity and elegance of the Egyptian Jasmine, Tuberose and Iris bouquet, while continuing into sumptuously oriental, the base perfectly combining the intensity of Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood and Cistus absolute.

Other women’s scents by Carven in their perfumed deodorant spray range include Carven L’eau De Toilette and Carven Le Parfum.

Suggested complementary products for the L’Absolu Perfumed Deodorant Spray include, of course, the L’Absolu fragrance itself, plus Carven Perfumed Body Milk, which, applied after a bath or shower, leaves the skin smooth, supple, and delicately scented.

If you’re not familiar with Carven, it is a Parisian fashion house that was founded in 1945 by Marie-Louise Carven, originally focusing on creating couture before venturing first into ready-to-wear (in 1950) and later into other fields of beauty, including fragrances.