Floris London Cefiro Deodorant Stick

Floris London Cefiro Deodorant Stick by the British perfume house is a subtly scented, effective antibacterial deodorant.

The word “Cefiro” comes from Spanish, meaning “zephyr”, or a gentle breeze.

Floris London Cefiro Deodorant Stick.

Given this background to the name of the product, the fragrance line was launched by Floris in 2002 inspired by the scent of a warm, gentle breeze while sitting in a mediterranean courtyard.

Cefiro, given its gentle scent, is a fragrance perfectly suited for both men and women.

The fragrance notes on this deodorant stick are Crisp Lemon and Lime, punctuated with Bergamot and Mandarin, which are warmed by spicy notes of Cardamom and Nutmeg on a fresh Floral Jasmine heart that leads to a clean, musky, woody base.

Not only is the scent a tastefully created combination, but Floris London Cefiro Deodorant Stick is also alcohol and aluminium-free to prevent pores from being blocked, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Added to the ingredients list is vitamin E, which protects the delicate underarm area while maintaining elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

To achieve the best results from using the Floris London deodorant stick, apply it after showering or bathing.

Floris London recommends a couple of other products from their range to be used together with the Cefiro Deodorant Stick for a perfect regimen.

These recommendations are: Cefiro Travel Size Eau de Toilette, Cefiro Eau de Toilette, Cefiro Moisturising Bath & Shower Gel, Cefiro Conditioning Shampoo, as well as Cefiro Enriched Body Moisturiser.

If you’re unfamiliar with Floris London, its history goes back all the way to year 1730, when the founder Juan Famenias Floris and his wife Elizabeth began selling perfume, combs, and shaving products in the elegant quarter of London’s St James.

Their original Floris shop, which opened at 89 Jermyn Street still remains the heart of the business and is run by the couples’ descendants to this day.

In fact, the entire range of Floris London products is still developed at 89 Jermyn Street, London, and are manufactured in England where their dedication to traditional ways has been combined with the most up-to-date production values and techniques.

As the oldest independent family perfumer in the world, having provided uncompromising fragrances for stylish generations, Floris is one of most original and authentic fragrance houses in existence, where you’ll be able to discover the exciting world of exquisitely crafted perfumes that stand the test of time.