ila-Spa Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence

ila-Spa Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence by the British organic luxury skincare and spa brand combines natural purity and ethical integrity to achieve extraordinary effects.

This product is an energy spray featuring a range of exquisite scents that boost your confidence and revitalize your personality.

ila-Spa Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence

ila-Spa Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence is, for example, a perfect antidote to a day working in front of the computer.

The energy spray’s angelic scent re-energizes and clears your body’s own bio-energy field, so that you’ll soon find yourself bursting with a new found zest for living life to the fullest.

As a solution for recharging the mind, body, and spirit, this is a great product to take with you anywhere, especially while travelling and towards the end of a stressful day.

ila-Spa Energy Spray for an Aura of Confidence, without packaging.

According to the label, ingredients list includes Rose Damascena Hydrolat, Himalayan Salt, Orange Blossom, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Lemongrass, Wild Poppy Flower, Wild Poppy Flower Essence, Naturally Occuring Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, and Linalool.

Out of these ingredients, the company has chosen Orange Blossom and Rose Geranium to uplift, reassure, and promote confidence, while Himalayan salt crystals & pure rose water are there to produce a ‘sole’ of fluid light energy with healing vibrations for both body and mind.

Also, Juniper Berry aids in strengthening, protecting, and energising the body’s energy field and Lemongrass helps to cleanse negativity and boost the immune system.

The suggested use to achieve these benefits to the body’s bio-energy field is to spray the product around the head and body.

If you’re not familiar with ila as a company, their core philosophy is encapsulated in their maxim: “beyond organic”.

This translates to ila’s products being free from synthetic chemicals to contain a rare level of natural energy achieved by sourcing the finest raw ingredients directly from local producers who cultivate and harvest them in harmony with the natural world.

Once harvested, ila then carefully blends their products in a peaceful, consciously converted barns (in the lovely English Cotswolds) to ensure that each formulation retains the earth’s purest natural vibrations: the energy of ila.

International advocates for the luxury brand’s skincare collections and spa treatments include celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman, a proof that results-driven products can go hand in hand with the highest standards of natural and ethical integrity.