LIERAC Homme Deodorant

LIERAC Homme Deodorant for men by the French skincare company offers 24h efficacy without white streaks or residue.

The LIERAC 24hr roll-on deodorant has proven effectiveness, reducing the sensation of humidity and odors, with skin staying dry.

LIERAC Homme Deodorant

LIERAC Homme Deodorant prevents sweating and neutralizes odors for full 24 hours, delivering long-lasting and intense fresh feeling.

The deodorant is formulated with plant glycerin that softens the skin for smoothness, and it is scented with mint & lemon.

Ingredients list on the deodorant features Skinpower5 complex, (Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese), Botanical synergy horsetail & sage, Anti-perspirant agents, Mint extract, Lemon essence, as well as Glycerin.

LIERAC Homme Deodorant

Founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician and acquired by Ales Groupe in 1979, LIERAC has over the years became a leading French dermo-cosmetic brand (dermatology based cosmetic) specializing in the correction of skin aging using plant extracts, also creating effective solutions for other skin disorders.

LIERAC’s award-winning formulas are the result of unique dermatological savoir-faire and research in dedicated French labs.

To formulate the products, the brand follows the idea of technical and performant skin care, adding a touch of pleasure and feminity, something that has become the essence of LIERAC.

Choosing LIERAC, you choose the combined advances in aesthetic medicine, advanced biology, and the power of nature in one package, as well as the glamour in the sensoriality of active textures, pleasure of the perfumes, and luxury of packaging in each LIERAC product.