L’Occitane Aluminum Salts Free L’Occitan Deodorant for Men

L’Occitane Aluminum Salts Free L’Occitan Deodorant for Men offers effective protection while leaving a touch of spice and aromatic L’Occitane fragrance on the skin.

The L’Occitan Deodorant for Men has a roll-on deodorant gel that dries quickly, so you can slip on clothes without risk of staining them.

L'Occitane Aluminum Salts Free L'Occitan Deodorant for Men

L’Occitan deodorant has a gentle, light scent of the company’s signature L’Occitan fragrance, providing a quick trip to the delightful scents of Provence, South of France.

L'Occitane Aluminum Salts Free L'Occitan Deodorant for Men label backside.

To use the roll-on deodorant and its fresh, herbaceous fragrance correctly, use every morning before dressing.

The deodorant is part of L’Occitane’s L’Occitan range, which celebrates classic Provence and its men.

L’Occitan scent symbolizes the intense blue of the fields of lavender, the red soil of Roussillon, the intense sun that tans the skin, and the siestas in the shade of the olive trees.

Other men’s deodorant products by L’Occitane en Provence include Eau Des Baux Stick Deodorant, Cedrat Stick Deodorant – L’Occitane, Aromachologie Refreshing Aromatic Deodorant, Cedrat Spray Deodorant, as well as L’Homme Cologne Cedrat Spray Deodorant.

L’Occitane en Provence, founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, is based in Manosque, France, creating body care, skin care, and home products.

From the start, the brand has been using nature’s most precious treasures to deliver high quality cosmetics based on essential oils and natural ingredients.

The brand also stands for innovation, as there are now L’Occitane en Provence products for categories of essential oil shampoos, skin care, fragrances, bath and body products, makeup, men’s products, hair care, soaps, and there is also an extensive home collection.

To find the best ingredients to include in the formulas, L’Occitane looks towards nature, exploring the core principles of phytotherapy (treatment through plants) and aromatherapy (treatment through scents).