Vince Camuto Deodorant Homme

Vince Camuto Deodorant Homme for men by the American fashion house is unmistakably masculine and alluring, evoking the sensuality of the Mediterranean.

Crisp, fresh, and bold, Vince Camuto Deodorant Homme has a scent that is reminiscent of Mediterranean’s brilliant blue skies, intoxicating, sea, and rugged coastline.

Vince Camuto Deodorant Homme.

The European paradise unveiling fragrance in this masculine deodorant makes for a perfect backdrop for adventure and seduction that is suited to the modern Vince Camuto man.

Vince Camuto Deodorant Homme label backside.

Scent on this deodorant is part woodsy with notes of cedar and pine, also carrying touches of comforting lavender and just-sweet-enough juniper.

Overall, the scent has been formulated to liven your spirit and whisk you away to a land of beloved scents and gorgeous landscapes. A place you will always want to be at, a scent you will always want to wear.

To use the alcohol-free deodorant efficiently, apply daily to underarms for lasting protection against odors.

If you’re not familiar with Vince Camuto brand, it is a lifestyle label launched in 2001 and built upon the principles of style, innovation, accessibility, and quality.

Originally a footwear brand, Vince Camuto makes today products in more than 30 categories (from footwear to sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewelry, swimwear, and fragrances to menswear), including Vince Camuto Men’s lifestyle brand that was introduced in fall 2013.